Welcome to Hoian On Bikes

Hoian On Bikes is a completely new private business run by young guy named Fletcher, who lives in Hoian, has a strong love of tours and would like to show its beauty and charm to people.
Hoian On Bikes specializes in giving bicycle tours which create different opportunities for travelers around the world to discover the countryside of Hoian and get a deeper understanding of local lifestyles as well. In addition to that, we also would like to help and support the surrounding areas in the hope of enhancing the lives of local communities.

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What Customers Say

  • Fletcher has a great sense of humour and an outstanding command of English. Combine this with his very good local knowledge and friendly personality and you have simply the best possible guide. He is a young and fun loving student who is able to relate to people of all ages. His manner is reassuring and he keeps a careful eye on safety. He led us on an extremely interesting and successful bicycle tour of Cam Kim Island during which we visited a boat building yard, a kindergarten, local shrine and local woodcraft workshop. On the way, we cycled through rice fields and past cattle, observing rice drying at the side of village roads. This was probably our best trip ever. We were given an insight into local life when Fletcher introduced us to families weaving mats and making rice wraps. Fletcher had put together an excellent and imaginative itinerary which suited two older people like us as well as an Aussie couple with a teenage daughter and two little boys. Thanks Fletcher. Your tour and guiding were simply the best.
    Simply The Best
    Review By Penny
  • We did the bike tour out to the island with Fletcher as our guide. It was a relaxing and most enjoyable experience. The different stops gave us insight into the working life of rural Vietnam without the pressure of having to buy something. (The last stop was at a wood working place where items were for sale, however, there was no pressure to buy anything. We could look around if we wanted without anybody trying to talk us into buying something. Great way to spend a quiet day away from the hustle and bustle of Hoi An.
    “Great experience”
    Review by X Y Ontario, Canada
  • VERY COOL. We did the Vegetable village tour, last minute impulse. The tour name and details didn’t exactly get my blood pumping, but it actually was probably one of the best things we did in our trip to Vietnam. Mostly because of our guide, ‘Fletcher.’ Very interesting and fun guy; excellent English, from the fields around Hoi Ann himself and knows the community very well who you get to meet along the way, and the numbers are low so very personal. I kind of felt sorry for the clearly more package tour groups we saw in the fields, probably paying a whole lot more for a whole lot less guide and intimacy. But the food and the farming, the community and living- I might have really missed this very elemental grassroots of what and where the Vietnamese people are and where they come from if not for Fletcher. He will make the food and dishes of Vietnam make sense, and refer you to the best places to go. The farming, it’s pretty spectacular how robust, proliferative, and diverse the crop is with simple traditional farming methods. Made me feel like we in the West have gone very, very astray in our ways. I’d put this down as a must-do, above the tailors and old Chinese temples in town, even.
    “Must do”
    Review by Bramph Chico, California
  • We just returned from a bike tour around Kim Bong Island with Fletcher as our guide. We had a wonderful time stopping at the boat makers, the kindergarten, the rice noodle shop, the carpenters shop, mat makers, and a final stop at the coffee shop. Each one (including the coffee shop) was explained by Fletcher in excellent English. His deadpan sense of humor puts the guests at ease. The small group size (5) was ideal. The bicycle ride was an easy pace and we got to see many facets of life in a smaller Vietnamese village. Every thing from the bike rentals to the ferry ride to the home visits was well organized. Part of the tour fee goes to the kindergarten and the homes you visit. There was no pressure to purchase anything. An enjoyable morning but try not to book something else in the afternoon so you can relax and not worry about getting back to Hoi An.
    “Kim Bong island with Fletcher”
    Review by Dennis L
  • Fletcher was our tour leader on the bicycle tour of TraQue village. He was very friendly, patient, easy to converse with and very diligent in his work. He spared no effort to answer all our questions, do as much as time permitted and even acquaint us with the local food. Thank you, once again, Fletcher.
    Among The Most Enjoyable Tours I Have Had
    Review By Don